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Public School Teachers Take the High Ground

Public School Teachers Take the High Ground

Author: SuperUser Account/miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014/Categories: Blog

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Two weeks ago, we met lots of interested and interesting, highly motivated public school teachers at MEXTESOL. Everyone was looking for new materials, technology, approaches and techniques to make their teaching more effective.

These are the teachers that are going to make a difference in Mexican education and the lives of their students even though their students might not know it yet.

The life of the public school English teacher is not easy, and we aren’t even going to get started with what’s happening in the classroom day-to-day. The entire structure behind their work is in constant flux. There are many challenges to be met even before walking into the classroom.

An English teacher has to learn constantly, improve, and perfect a very special skill set:

1. personal English language skills
2. English language teaching skills
3. classroom management skills
4. technology skills
5. knowledge of ever-changing programs and standards

Then there’s the matter of grading assignments every night only to get up in the morning and face enormous classes of unmotivated students who would rather be texting on their cellphones in abbreviated phrases than learning a language that requires mechanics, grammar, phonology, and new vocabulary to get their message across.

Watch this space! We will be posting tips, suggestions, and training experiences to steer teachers in the right direction as they work independently or in small groups to meet the challenge of polishing their skills.


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5 comments on article "Public School Teachers Take the High Ground"


04/11/2014 18:03

I love to teach English, but I need teaching skills to motivate my studends. I have 38 to 40 students in my classroom, so I would rather learn techniques to teach more effective. will you have some tips o suggestions to teach and work properly in a big groups.

Mantis ELT

19/11/2014 10:16

Hi Domingo, thanks for writing.

We wrote a Blog about strategies for large groups.

Hope it´s helpful for you and that you like it.


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