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Keep your students engaged with technology

We will show you how to do it.

Author: Mantis ELT/jueves, 25 de junio de 2015/Categories: Blog

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Which has a longer attention span?  

a. A goldfish    

b. An average student

The answer is a. A goldfish has a longer attention span than most of your students. The use of technology has lowered your students’ attention spans from 12 to 8 seconds.*

We want to show you how to use technology in your English class to recover it.


Mantis ELT and Librería Británica invite you to join us on

Date and time: Saturday, July 4th at 9:30 a.m.
Place:              Salón Jardín San Miguel, 25 Pte. esq. con 45 Sur 
                        Col. Ampliación Reforma Sur, Puebla

Mark the day! Don’t forget . . .
We’re launching our Learn Social platform on Saturday, 4th of July
with a workshop and get-to-know-you lunch.
Please confirm your attendance.
RSVP              Mantis ELT 248 04 00
                       Librería Británica 240 85 49 


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