¿Quieres aprender Inglés?

¿Quieres aprender y/o practicar Inglés de una forma más efectiva?
Tenemos cursos interactivos usando la tecnología más reciente, basándonos en la efectividad de las redes sociales, para cubrir todas tus expectativas y necesidades.

Do you want a blended solution for your classes?

What should your tech support do for you?

  • Reduce grading time, so you can spend your time preparing for effective classroom activities.
  • Allow your students to work online and off-line, any place, at any time on multiple devices.
  • Provide remedial work, so you don’t have to.
  • Meet CEFR (Common European Framework) standards so you know that all of your course’s target language is covered.
  • Provide you with digital reports and statistics that you can use in your student progress reports and to guide your classwork.
  • Have a positive impact on your course’s pedagogy.

Which English language teaching platform does all of this?

  Learn Social powered by
Knowledge Transmission

Platform creators, Knowledge Transmission,

have this to say about social learning:

Social learning theory states that people learn within a social context. It is facilitated through concepts such as modeling and observational learning.

  • People learn from the environment and seek acceptance from society by learning through influential models.¹
  • Social learning theory states that social behavior (any type of behavior that we display socially) is learned primarily by observing and imitating the actions of others.²
  • Social learning behavior is also influenced by being rewarded for these actions.
  • Our platform implements these concepts based on the founders experience and knowledge gained with Cambridge University.


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